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In the diving center Diving Ocelado we perform Baptisms diving whatever your experience, we also provide diving courses at all levels with the most prestigious certification (FEDAS) and (SSI)


OPEN WATER DIVER (Introductory course)

With this course our instructors will train you so you can relax dive to a depth of 18 meters.

* SSI International Certification

* Theoretical sessions

* Practical sessions in shallow water

* Practical sessions in open water

* Operational depth 18 meters

* Includes annual diving insurance (or during the course).

* Includes all diving equipment

* You only need to bring a medical examination
ADVANCED ADVENTURER (Course initiation / advanced)

The course designed for divers who already have the Open Water Diver or equivalent of any other organization and want to gain more knowledge and practice in different aspects and conditions of diving.

It is a practical course consists of five specialty dives. Each dive is dedicated to learn a different technique, and consists of a theoretical explanation and immersion.

There are two compulsory dives:

* Deep: a depth of 30 meters is reached, we see the special details that must take into account and do a little exercise to understand why.

* Underwater Orientation: Practices natural orientation and compass.

The other three can be chosen from a very wide range. We, given local conditions and preferences of most divers, we propose:

* Wreck: we dive wrecks of C.B.A. extra precautions to be taken in the sunken ships.

* Night: signs with lights, nocturnal behavior of some species …

* Nitrox Basics for the use of this common breathing mix.

* Dry suit: to begin to forget the cold underwater.

* Perfect Buoyancy: Indispensable to become a good diver / a.

To achieve certification Advanced Open Water Diver, you must complete 4 specialty courses and have a total of 24 logged dives can combine specialties like most interests you and without being required to perform same time.

* Navigation and orientation

* Deep Diving

* Diving with Nitrox

* Perfect Buoyancy

* Diving drysuit

* Night dive

* Diving Wrecks

* Photography

* Stress and rescue (Rescue)

To achieve the Master Diver certification, you must complete 4 specialty courses, specialty rescue diver (Stress & Rescue) and have registered a total of 50 dives.

Being Instructor is a fun profession. If you are looking for a career in the diving world, become SSI Instructor is the best option that you can choose from. SSI is the only organization that not only prepares you to teach to dive, but also teaches you what you need to know to be a good professional in the recreational diving industry.

Whether you choose a new career started in full or part time, as if you do continue with your training. Being SSI Instructor is a very rewarding experience!

If you are already Instructor from another organization you can Crossover, it will meet the performance, materials, philosophy and the SSI system.

The Divemaster course is characterized by the practical application of training and flexibility. The goal is to create professional diving well prepared, versatile and with many exits. SSI Dive Guides can lead and guide certified divers.

Dive Guide plus the Science Specialty Course Diving equivalent to Dive master. The Divemaster can impart diving baptism (pool only) and assist SSI Instructors with training in pool / confined water and open water under direct supervision.